Friday, July 11, 2008

Token Problems

So part of my job is helping people out with problems with these. Unfortunately for me, not all of the college educated computer programmers I give these to are smart enough to know how to use them. See the e-mails below:
Hi Milk,

It seems my xxxxxx id has got deactivated and i am told by the help desk that the token has got out of synch and needs to be resynchronised.

I will appreciate if you can reactivate/resynchronised the token.

My xxxxxx id is xxxxxx and the Network id is xxxxxxx.

Token serial number is 31974140

Thanks and With Regards

Mind you, this is in response to this e-mail I had sent him back in February:

I have activated your new token (serial number 000100514097). Please let me know if you have any further problems with it.

Best regards,

See what's wrong yet? Maybe this e-mail he sent a little later will shed light on this.
Hi Milk,

Let me check if i am using the old token by any chance.

Thanks for your help

D'ya think?! Don't forget to wear your hockey helmet on the bus ride home.

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