Friday, July 18, 2008

Fresh Prince roll of Alan

It never gets old...

6:20 AM me: Hey man how come you're not shootin some b-ball outside of school?
6:20 AM Alan: lol! i was JUST headed out!
6:20 AM me: Oh I thought you were going to say that a couple of guys who are up to no good started making trouble in your neighborhood
6:20 AM me Have fun man
6:21 AM Alan: i hate you
6:21 AM me: I kjnow
6:21 AM Alan: thats jusy unfair
6:21 AM me: :-D
6:23 AM Alan: lol
6:23 AM Alan: bye
6:23 AM Alan: hope your day is god
6:23 AM Alan: um
6:23 AM Alan: GOOD
6:23 AM me: You too
6:23 AM Alan: you aint no BNudda jus yet
6:23 AM me: Just don't get in any fights
6:23 AM me: Your mom will get scared
6:24 AM me: She might even send you to live with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air
6:26 AM Alan: BYE!
6:26 AM me: Later man
6:26 AM me: Go whistle for a cab...

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