Monday, June 30, 2008

June 30 Rant

Part of this was made into my friend's gchat status message for quite some time...

Hope y'all don't mind, but I'm going to vent for a minute.

When you get two or more e-mails telling you something is going to expire today, don't act shocked when you can't use it. Don't fucking call me up complaining because you can't get your job done - it's not my fault you ignore important e-mails. Oh, and it's also not my fault I can't log into the system right now because the system is down - it's karma. It's karma smiting you because you're fucking stupid. Karma hates stupid, and karma hates you. Now kindly quit fucking calling me before I "accidently" have your account purged.


Fuck you.

June 2008 Funnies

I wasn't all that funny in June, apparently.

June 4, 2008

It seems to me that politics is an excuse to argue about something while usually doing nothing.

June 30, 2008

Turn that self-destruction into just plain ol' destruction!

Now you've got me pondering the reaction between household bleach, hydrofluoric acid, and dog poop.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dinosaur Porn

Another conversation between Alan (80) and I. The part about anatomically correct dinosaurs keeping me up at night? True story.

Milk: Know what I was thinking for some reason last night before I fell asleep?
Milk: Why don't you ever see anatomically correct dinosaurs?
80: what IS an anatomically corect dinosaur Milk?
80: :-/
Milk: They couldn't have all been female
Milk: How come when you see drawings or even toy figures of dinosaurs, they never have dicks?
80: ok Milk
80: you are as f*cked in the head as me
Milk: This seriously kept me awake last night
80: thats teh most awesome thing i heard all day
Milk: Heh
Milk: I was thinking of making a meme
Milk: that would require a picture of a dinosaur with a gigantic phallus
80: i think teh Trex would have a small dick though
80: to match the hands
Milk: then I realized I'd never seen one
Milk: Not in like books, not on figures, not even in like museums
80: T rex will have small dicks , so teh heej's can happen
80: and brontosaurus' wil have the longest disks, so they can get deep throated
Milk: lawl
Milk: omg
Milk: RULE 34
80: LOL
Milk: Raep-a-saurus Rex
80: hahaha
Milk: I was going to use the same eyes and teeth as Raepraham Lincoln
Milk: put it on a T-Rex
Milk: And have some huge cack there