Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July 1 Rant

BAWWWW I can't get access BAWWWWW help BAWWWWW what do I do BAWWWWWWW

I'm seriously about to snap on someone. Why the fuck do you wait until 2:30 on a Friday to tell me this shit and then act all surprised when it doesn't work right? Why the fuck can't anyone follow simple step by step directions? And what the fuck makes you think that I can just wave my hand and make shit start working right again? If I could do that, I wouldn't be stuck in my job - I'd be a goddamned millionaire and I wouldn't have to put up with bullshit all. day. long. from fucktards like you. Now kindly get the fuck out of my face and call the fucking help desk. Better yet, you are a trained IT professional - you went to college for this shit - why not try helping yourself out since you would think that you would know way more about this than the dumb redneck with a high school education? Try pulling your head out of your ass and trying to help yourself out of this jam that you created by losing your token (way to be responsible, shithead) and coming up with a better solution than BAWWWW halp BAWWWWWW

And then, as if it couldn't get any worse, she IM's me.

stupid (3:43:08 PM): Hi Milk
me (3:44:13 PM): Hello
stupid (3:44:35 PM): xxxxxx spoke to yo uregarding my xxxxx token
stupid (3:44:38 PM): xxxxxx
me (3:44:52 PM): Yes
stupid (3:44:59 PM): i called helpdesk
stupid (3:45:23 PM): they told that my sponsor can again reset my temp
stupid (3:45:38 PM): they told me the steps to do after getting the temp
password resetted
stupid (3:45:45 PM): can u plz reset my temp password again
me (3:45:49 PM): Ok I'll reset it again
stupid (3:45:56 PM): ok Thnx
stupid (3:50:13 PM): ok I will try with this
me (3:50:20 PM): Ok
***reset message***
stupid (3:59:52 PM): hi milk
stupid (3:59:55 PM): it dint wrk again
stupid (4:00:11 PM): and the helpdesk ppl are nt able to help me becoz I
couldnt answer the security qs
stupid (4:00:31 PM): help desk person is asking whether yo(my sponsor) can
join the call
stupid (4:00:51 PM): can u plz join the call now and help me in this?
me (4:01:10 PM): Sure thing call me xxx-xxx-xxxx
stupid (4:01:14 PM): okie sure
stupid (4:01:17 PM): I am calling you

I'm on the conference call now - the reason this woman can't log in is because she's logged into another application using a different user id. Oh and she's not following any of the directions me or the Help Desk guy are telling her.

Then later...
Oh it just gets better and better. The Help Desk guy suggested I log in as her using the temp password I set. Apparently, he too feels she's too stupid to do this on her own.

Thing is that I don't have a computer background. I came from Hospitality and Customer Service. My computer knowledge is limited to what I do on my PC at home and the minimal work experience I've gained in the past 2 years or so in some basic functionalities of some of the more basic systems. I'm not trained to really problem solve and fix technical issues - about all I can do is reset a password and hope that the user is smart enough to read the directions, comprehend them to some extent, and follow them.

I expect way too much I know.

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