Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fuck the Yankees Rant

Fuck the Yankees. Fuck their 26 World Championships. Fuck the Yankee mystique. Fuck the movies about the Yankees. Fuck Babe Ruth, fuck Mickey Mantle, fuck Roger Maris, fuck Derek Jeter, fuck A-Rod, and fuck Jason Giambi and his gay porn star mustache. Fuck George Steinbrenner. Fuck Hank Steinbrenner. Fuck YES Network and that douchebag announcer that sounds like he smokes a carton of cigarettes a day. Fuck Jeffrey Maier (no, I will not get over it, thank you very much). Fuck Yankee Stadium. Fuck buying division titles. Fuck fielding the best team money can buy and still failing to win your division and then crying like a bitch about it. Fuck grossly overpaying third rate free agents, thus raping teams who don't have a large market or an owner with little regard for how much money he spends.

Fuck. The. Yankees.


A Baltimore Orioles fan.

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