Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Driving in Pennsylvania Rant

Have I ever told you guys how awful driving in rural Pennsylvania is? Imagine this - as soon as you leave your state with fairly nice roads, you're magically transported to the transportation anus of the world. Imagine roads like you'd see in Somalia - roads that haven't been repaved or taken care of in years. There are no shoulders on the roads - usually just steep embankments about half as high as your car or higher just inches off of the side of the road. Everyone drives either 30 mph over or 30 mph under the speed limit, so you'll be hauling ass along what appears to be a similar track to Space Mountain to keep yourself from being run the fuck over by a semi truck only to have to jam on your brakes to avoid ass-ending some jackoff going 15 down a state road. Good luck trying to find anything because apparently PennDOT is too god damned cheap to pay for street signs, so you're forced to rely on directions like "Go past the building that looks like it was bombed and then make a left at the traffic sticks. Then make a right at the fourth cornfield - that's the one with the cow with three legs."

tl;dr - Fuck PennDOT and fuck driving in PA

And a little later

Most people fail to realize that just because you don't wreck your car and annihilate half a county on the way to the Acme doesn't mean you're a good driver. It means you didn't kill anyone this time.

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