Thursday, December 25, 2008

Alan and Me Vol. 3

I tried to come up with some sort of preface for this, but I just can't.

10:51 AM me: I'm so glad I'm working from home
10:51 AM me: I think I just threw up out of my butt
10:51 AM me: It was like I was hiding a gallon of chocolate milk
11:09 AM Alan: yesterday i buttpuked such a large turd i sang an ode to it called Chocolate Brain
11:10 AM me: lol
11:10 AM me: Dude this was seriously gnarly
11:10 AM me: I had to sprint back to the bathroom because i thought I was done, but I wasn't
11:10 AM me: Seriously, I don't remember drinking a gallon of coffee yesterday

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