Monday, December 15, 2008

Conversation with M

M is a good friend of mine. hSe gets hit on by creeps and doesn't afraid of anything...

12:03 PM M: zomg
12:03 PM M: friend sent me $350
12:04 PM me: nice!
12:05 PM M: yeah
12:05 PM M: it's a farker
12:05 PM M: :\
12:06 PM me: hehe why doesn't that surprise me?
12:07 PM me: Get him to send me some $ too
12:07 PM M: :(
12:07 PM M: he wants me to move out to california
12:08 PM H: says he has a plane ticket for me whenever I want it
12:08 PM M: I didn't believe him, so he sent me $350 to prove he was serious
12:08 PM me: That's kinda creepy

Later on

12:29 PM M: :( the green shoes are the only ones left :(
12:29 PM M:
12:29 PM M: sfw
12:29 PM me: Maybe your friend bought the other pairs and has them waiting for you in his basement.
12:29 PM M: you're a bastard
12:29 PM M: I <3 you

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