Monday, August 4, 2008

Elizabeth and Me

My friend Elizabeth is awesome. She has a child that is a year older than mine, so I talk to her often about kids and get advice. Once in a while, my crazy comes out though.

12:36 PM me: I don't get the appeal of Thomas the Train to small children
12:37 PM me: This crap is creepy
12:43 PM Elizabeth: I've never really watched it
12:44 PM me: The only things that move are the trains
12:45 PM me: And there's one narrator who does all the voices, but he doesn't like try to make different voices
12:45 PM me: It's just weird
12:48 PM Elizabeth: yeah
12:48 PM Elizabeth: that's kind of creepy
12:48 PM me: Heh
12:56 PM me: Something else I don't get about Thomas the Train
12:57 PM me: The songs are all sung by English children
12:57 PM me: The accent is pretty thick
12:57 PM me: Yet the narrator sounds like he's from like Maine or something
12:57 PM me: It's so damn weird
12:58 PM Elizabeth: maybe they've dubbed it
12:58 PM me: Why would they?
12:58 PM Elizabeth: but I'm not sure why they would
12:58 PM me: English to English?
12:58 PM me: lo;
12:58 PM me: lol
12:58 PM Elizabeth: I mean, it's such low production quality to start with
12:59 PM Elizabeth: they're not doing much to raise the bar
12:59 PM me: That reminds me of the Married With Children episode where they go to England, and Kelly had an English to American translation book

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