Monday, January 12, 2009

Star Wars Carpeting

We had a large discussion about floorcoverings in the Star Wars movies that kind of took on its own life...

My friend Ellie: But have you noticed? There *are* no fabric floor coverings in the Star Wars galaxy.
Weird, huh?
Me: Not true. Check Palpatine's office/home/home office thingamabob. Pretty sure there's carpeting there.
Oh, and Anakin and Padme's love nest/apartment thingamabob too.
My friend Ellie: Putting the words "Palpatine" and "home office" together makes funny stuff in my mind. I'm picturing him with a little coffee mug, going through an Ikea catalog.
Me: Just because he's the evil overlord of an entire galaxy doesn't mean the guy shops at the Pottery Barn
My friend Matt: Yeah, I peg him more for Crate and Barrel . . .
Me: True. He could afford the over-priced tackiness of C&B I suppose.
Me: Or you know, he could always threaten to electrocute the ever-loving shit out of the clerk.

Palpatine: "I want this $90 tea set for free."
Dalton, the over-enthusiastic C&B register jockey: "I'll have to check with my floor manager."
Palpatine: "And now, you will die."
My friend Max: Are you guys kidding me? She nailed it in the first try. The furniture is all Ikea and the deadly bottomless shafts and art is all from Sharper Image.
My friend Dena: I just did a google search for star wars carpet.
Me: How much of that came back as poorly drawn hentai?

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