Friday, January 16, 2009

Ex-wife Rant

Allow me to rant for a minute please...

Can someone explain to me how the fuck you lose your child's birth certificate? Can someone explain to me how you don't notice it's missing until the day your ex-husband is going to register the child for school? I can see misplacing the water bill or the directions for the tv remote, but a fucking birth certificate for your own fucking child? How the fuck do you go about doing that? Seriously? I mean it was one thing when you lost the title to your car - that's yours and you're kind of allowed to do with it as you please, but a fucking birth certificate? I'm sure I sound like Jim Mora going "Playoffs?" but really? A birth certificate?

I'd never say my ex-wife is useless, but right now I can't think of a single useful thing that she does. Fucking idiot.

Later, I said:

I'll admit that I lost my birth certificate. But this was after several moves (one being a move of about 1000 miles) and I was oh, 24 or so. And it was mine to lose.

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