Thursday, October 30, 2008

Epicest Fresh Prince of All Time

So if you've read this, you know that there's nothing I like more than Fresh Prince-rolling my friend Alan. It's so great - I'll somehow work it into a conversation, he'll get mad and tell me he hates me, I'll lol...

This time though was fucking epic. I was literally crying in public I was laughing so hard.

4:03 PM me: I' here dude
4:03 PM me: Jsut for a bit though
4:05 PM me: k I'm gonna head out
4:05 PM me: There's a couple of guys standing here
4:05 PM Alan: :-/
4:05 PM me: They're up to no good
4:05 PM Alan: what kinda guys?
4:05 PM Alan: OH
4:05 PM Alan: GOD
4:05 PM Alan: DAMN
4:05 PM Alan: YOU
4:05 PM me: They're starting o make trouble in my neighborhood
4:05 PM me: :-D
4:05 PM Alan: gah
4:05 PM me: Holy shit I'm crying
4:05 PM Alan: really
4:06 PM Alan: yuore a bastard
4:06 PM me: You totally fell for that
4:06 PM me: Oh shit man
4:06 PM me: I gotta run
4:06 PM Alan: i was all concerened even you assface!
4:06 PM Alan: ok
4:06 PM Alan: asshole
4:06 PM me: Gotta go put a cool cloth on my face
4:06 PM me: See you later

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